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Poverty and Inequality: A Forum on Research, Action, and Community Engagement

Published by on October 9, 2013

What are the challenges involved in poverty research and activism? How do we counter misinformation and misleading stereotypes about poverty? How can the university engage with the community in constructive dialogue about the causes, consequences, and best ways to alleviate poverty?

Two panels of USF researchers and educators pondered these questions in the context of their own work studying poverty, inequality, and related problems in the areas of health, housing, employment, criminal justice, and education—the last with a focus on disparities in educational access by low-income children in poorly resourced schools. Poverty and Inequality: A Forum on Research, Action, and Community Engagement succeeded in bringing together close to 50 USF faculty, staff, and students, in addition to 12 panelists and moderators. They discussed ways to begin a multidisciplinary research-to-action program at USF that engages non-profits, elected officials, public agencies, and community residents, as well as to establish resources for teaching, research, and community partnerships that are evidence-based and reflective of local history and circumstances.

After a lively discussion involving panelists and audience, participants spoke of potential future collaborations, including new course construction or the development of action research projects. Many who attended expressed an eagerness to co-host an off-campus event with community partners.

We will be uploading podcasts from the forum soon. WUSF University Beat reporter Mark Schreiner covered the event; you can listen to his report online. If you would like to be involved in a working group on poverty and inequality, or receive announcement about future events and activities, send a request to be added to our email distribution list.

Panel 1 (in order of presentation):

Panel 2 (in order of presentation):

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